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top home & garden sites to watch
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Top Home & Garden digital companies to watch: Free read
Read this exclusive report revealing competitive intelligence on the Furniture category in the US, UK and Germany, including total e-commerce revenue, best-selling categories, top retailers, pricing and more.
22 March 2024
e-commerce fast movers weekly
Fast movers: Top e-commerce sites this week
Check out which retailers are the fastest movers this week. With Grips, e-commerce sites can track the performance of their competitior's promotions in real-time.
16 November 2023
Have Lancome's Frequent Sales Created a Buyer Hesitation Pattern?
Instead of driving sales, Lancome's relentless promotions are causing dips in revenue during non-sale periods. Learn why this could be a cautionary tale for your e-commerce strategy.
06 June 2024
Unlocking Revenue Potential: The key to maximizing DTC sales
Discover the power of DTC strategies in reshaping brand engagement and driving growth. Grips' e-commerce insights illuminate your path to success.
08 September 2023
The 2023 Conversion Rate Benchmark Report
Knowing how your e-commerce business compares to the competition will ensure you're not leaving money on the table. This free report will provide actionable tips for improving conversion rates and let you know how you compare to others in your category.
21 March 2023
Luxury Retail Raises Red Flags: Free Read
Luxury retail stores posted declining sales and things are getting worse: An analysis of the daily and monthly trends and leading brands.
24 August 2023
mobile transactions account for half of all online purchases but few data partners have insights into these types of online conversions.
4 Mobile Metrics That Give You a Competitive Edge
Mobile metrics are more than just traffic. Learn which transactional mobile metrics you need to gain a complete view into your competitor's performance.
25 July 2023
How Lands' End Became the Best Converting US Apparel Site
The 60 year-old retailer has an e-commerce conversion rate more than three times higher than the apparel category average. Grips reveals what's driving their success and identifies other top-performing brands.
14 April 2023
E-commerce Transactions: Grips Delivers the Metrics That Matter
Unlock the power of transactional data to optimize your e-commerce performance and stay ahead. Grips delivers accurate insights on revenue, conversion rates and average order value for thousands of domains.
21 April 2023
How do Lululemon and other athleisure brands use paid search to drive revenue?
Athleisure brands spent an estimated $2.3 million on paid search between August and February. Which ones did the best job converting that into sales?
24 April 2023

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