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The 2023 Conversion Rate Benchmark Report
Knowing how your e-commerce business compares to the competition will ensure you're not leaving money on the table. This free report will provide actionable tips for improving conversion rates and let you know how you compare to others in your category.
21 March 2023
Kohl's quarterly sales accurately predicted by Grips
Grips' e-commerce revenue projections for shows a strong correlation with the company's own quarterly earnings proving it's value as an indispensable tool in estimating the performance of today's leading e-commerce brands.
24 May 2023
The State of E-Commerce Report 2023
Are you prepared for the e-commerce challenges of 2023? Discover the areas that e-commerce brands and retailers need to focus on to be competitive this year with our new State of E-Commerce Report.
09 February 2023
How Lands' End Became the Best Converting US Apparel Site
The 60 year-old retailer has an e-commerce conversion rate more than three times higher than the apparel category average. Grips reveals what's driving their success and identifies other top-performing brands.
14 April 2023
mobile transactions account for half of all online purchases but few data partners have insights into these types of online conversions.
Mobile transactions: Why Mobile Insights Make all the Difference
Mobile transactions now account for half of all online purchases, but your data partner may not be sharing insights into these conversions. Learn why mobile insights matter and how Grips can help.
18 April 2023
E-commerce Transactions: Grips Delivers the Metrics That Matter
Unlock the power of transactional data to optimize your e-commerce performance and stay ahead. Grips delivers accurate insights on revenue, conversion rates and average order value for thousands of domains.
21 April 2023
How do Lululemon and other athleisure brands use paid search to drive revenue?
Athleisure brands spent an estimated $2.3 million on paid search between August and February. Which ones did the best job converting that into sales?
24 April 2023
Webinar Why consumers buy (or don't)
Why Consumers Buy (or Don't): Watch the webinar on-demand
Grips recently partnered with Digital Commerce 360 to explore factors that drive consumers to buy online. Watch the free webinar on-demand.
28 April 2023

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