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Our free browser extension gives you insights into the performance of any e-commerce website you visit, including revenue, conversion rate, product categories and more.
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E-commerce focused
Get the top KPIs most relevant for e-commerce performance: revenue, conversion rate, AOV and more.
Deep coverage
With Grips' massive database of the top global e-commerce stores, you will find the insights for the sites you need.
Instant insights
It's so easy to use: just visit a online store's site and get Grips' insights instantly

E-commerce insights right in your browser.

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Top E-commerce KPIs

Transactional metrics

E-commerce insights for revenue, AOV and conversion rates help you understand how a specific online store is performing.
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Trend analysis

Revenue time-series data to spot trends

With 6 months historical data, you can analyze trends and seasonality for top online stores.
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Assortment analysis

Discover product categories and brand sales

Get insights into the product categories and brands driving revenue for online stores.

Your e-commerce growth mission now has a guide.

Get e-commerce insights for any site, right in your browser.