Euro Sponsorship Boosts Adidas' DTC Sales in Germany

Adidas' strategic sponsorship of Euro 2024 fuelled a remarkable revenue surge in Germany, eclipsing competitors and igniting national pride
John Fetto
6 min read
27 June 2024


As the world gears up for the upcoming Olympics, another major sporting event has already delivered spectacular results for brands: the UEFA Euro 2024. For Adidas, the Euro 2024 has been nothing short of a stunning comeback story, particularly in Germany. The brand’s sponsorship and the release of the new national team jerseys have dramatically boosted direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales, making Germany the standout market for Adidas. This remarkable turnaround highlights the potential for brands to capitalize on major events, offering a sneak peek into what we might expect during the Olympics.

The Sponsorship Playbook

Adidas’ sponsorship of Euro 2024 and Team Germany has proven to be a winning play. The new Germany home and away jerseys have resonated with fans, scoring big in aesthetics and sales. The traditional white home jersey embodies German football heritage with a modern twist while the bold pink and purple away jersey appeals to the younger generation and reflects the country’s diversity. These designs have garnered positive feedback, enhancing Adidas’ brand image and driving sales.

The jerseys, priced between €75 and €100, have been hot items on This surge in interest is clearly reflected in the revenue data. On days leading up to and during key matches,’s revenue saw significant spikes, occasionally surpassing other markets. This trend highlights how effective event-specific sponsorship can be in boosting sales, much like scoring a hat trick in a crucial match.

A Stunning Revenue Comeback

Adidas started off as the underdog, with German DTC revenues significantly trailing behind Nike in Germany. However, the excitement of Euro 2024 and the pride of the national team propelled Adidas forward, closing the gap and even taking the lead on several days. It’s a remarkable turnaround, with Adidas celebrating well-deserved success.

Here’s a closer look at the numbers: Prior to the tournament,’s daily revenue in Germany averaged around €485,700, while averaged about €894,300 in Germany. However, during Euro 2024,’s revenue surged seeing significant spikes, at times reaching over €935,007 in a single day, demonstrating the power of national pride and strategic sponsorship.

Daily German revenue and

In contrast, despite also being the sponsor of teams from Spain, Italy, Scotland, Hungary, and Belgium, the revenue uplift for Adidas was significantly more pronounced in Germany where Adidas is based. The combined revenue from Adidas’ operations in Italy and Spain, for example, did not see the same dramatic increases, averaging around €193,559 during the same period. This suggests that the impact of the Euro 2024 sponsorship is particularly pronounced in Germany, likely due to the combination of Adidas’ strong local brand presence and the emotional connection fans have with their national team.

Looking Ahead: The Olympic Games

As we look forward to the upcoming Olympics, it’s clear that the Euro 2024 has only given us a glimpse of what’s possible. Major sporting events like the Olympics provide another golden opportunity for brands like Adidas to boost sales through strategic athlete sponsorships and eye-catching uniform designs. Just as we’ve seen with the Euro, these events can drive significant consumer engagement and sales spikes, akin to a last-minute goal securing a victory.

The Takeaway

Adidas’ sponsorship of Euro 2024 has had a profound impact on its market performance in Germany. The successful launch of the new Germany kits, combined with the brand’s strategic marketing efforts, has driven significant revenue gains on This case exemplifies the power of leveraging major sporting events to enhance brand visibility and drive sales, especially when coupled with products that evoke national pride and resonate with local consumers.

As the tournament progresses and with the Olympics on the horizon, it will be exciting to see if these trends continue and what long-term benefits Adidas can reap from these high-profile sponsorships. For now, it’s clear that the Euro 2024 has been a win for Adidas in Germany, both on and off the field.

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