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We understand that data reliability and accuracy are crucial when it comes to making decisions in e-commerce. Read on to learn about our unique dataset and why we're confident it can deliver growth.
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Our data process in 3 simple steps

Data Collection
Data Processing
Data Modelling
Step 1: Data Collection

Creating the world's largest truth set of online sales data

We have developed several productivity tools, such as Retailer Benchmarking, which collectively create the world’s largest set of online sales data. Additionally, we use public data captured from hundreds of millions of products and product category URLs as well as licensed data from the leading data providers.
Step 2: Data Classification & Cleaning

Putting that data to work

To prepare for our modeling phase, we classify page types (home, category and product), categorize hundreds of millions of products and then clean and homogenize the data.
Step 3: Data Modelling

Extrapolating sales for the market

We predict sales from the SKU-level upwards by estimating traffic to product and category pages for each URL and applying conversion rates as well as the retailers' price points. These models are continuously calibrated against our set of live retailer data.


How accurate is our data?

Reported Data vs Grips

Grips hits bullseye with their Etsy revenue estimations

Grips data correlates strongly with Etsy's reported financial data.
Grips Research

Grips data driving transformative research and industry advancements

Discover how Grips data has fuelled transformative research projects, propelling industries forward with insightful discoveries.

Transforming data into growth

Product Level Analysis
Get complete access to the products that drive sales for your competitors and industry. Maximize your competitive edge by utilising product sales data for new product development, improvements to Product Detail Pages, assortment optimization, and more!
Market Share Maximizer
By revealing performance gaps with current partners, identifying untapped markets, and highlighting product development prospects, Grips' Market Share Maximizer guides you towards targeted strategies for enhancing performance and outpacing competitors.

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Frequently asked questions

What metrics do you include?
  • Revenue: Revenue for the domain from online sales (in USD) for the selected period 
  • Transactions: Number of transactions for the domain for the selected period
  • Sessions: Number of visits for the domain for the selected period
  • Conversion rate: Number of sessions divided by transactions
  • AOV: Average order value 
  • Ad spend: Total ad spend for the domain for Google Ads search network
  • CPC: Cost per click for the domain for Google Ads search network


and many others!

What's included in your retailer estimates?

Subdomains are included as part of the domain. For example, is covered by

We do not include top-level domain variations. For example, doesn’t include revenue.

What does your data include?

We include one-time sales running through the checkout of a retailer’s website. We also include Click and Collect as online revenue (E.g. Over $100B in US 2022).

What does your data not include?

We do not include subscriptions, returns or sales generated in an app.

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