4 Mobile Metrics That Give You a Competitive Edge

Mobile metrics are more than just traffic. Learn which transactional mobile metrics you need to gain a complete view into your competitor's performance.
John Fetto
5 min read
25 July 2023


Mobile plays a significant role in e-commerce, representing a substantial portion–sometimes even a majority–of online purchases. And while many data providers report on mobile traffic or sessions, they fall short when it comes to providing the comprehensive insights necessary to run a competitive e-commerce business. Grips goes beyond the basics, delivering transactional mobile metrics that give you a distinct competitive advantage.

Let’s explore the four mobile metrics that are essential for staying ahead in the online marketplace, all of which come standard when you partner with Grips:

Mobile Sales and Revenue

Mobile traffic or visits don’t equate to mobile sales…as much as your data partner may want you to believe. The truth is that mobile plays a unique role in the shopping experience that differs from category-to-category and retailer-to-retail. So it’s critical to know how many sales your competitors are actually generating from mobile in order to better understand the complete customer journey. 

Grips takes the guesswork out of the equation by providing transactional mobile metrics, including the number of purchases completed and the amount of revenue generated from mobile sales across tens of thousands of e-commerce sites. By accessing this data via our Competitive Intelligence platform, you’ll gain valuable insights that allow you to benchmark your mobile bottom line against the competition and uncover successful mobile strategies giving you the knowledge to make data-driven decisions, optimize your mobile strategy and capture the full potential of mobile commerce.

Mobile Conversion Rates

Conversion rates are a fundamental measure of success in e-commerce, and they deserve detailed attention in the mobile realm. While some companies may report on the mobile conversion rates for some of the biggest sites, none can do it at scale like Grips. With mobile conversion rate reporting available for thousands of e-commerce sites across dozens of countries, you can understand the role that mobile plays for all of your key competitors. For instance, are consumers using mobile for research before converting on desktop or in-store? Are certain competitors doing a better job of converting mobile sessions into sales? Just doing reconnaissance work doesn’t tell you how a competitor is performing. 

As a Grips client, you will have a superior understanding of the nuances of mobile conversion giving you an edge over competitors who rely solely on basic traffic metrics and assumptions. That unique knowledge then empowers you to optimize your mobile user experience, streamline your mobile checkout process and increase conversions.

Mobile Average Order Value

Average order value (AOV) is one of the key mobile metrics for assessing customer spending and overall revenue generation. However, solely relying on desktop AOV and assuming it mirrors mobile performance can lead to inaccurate assumptions and waste limited marketing resources on failed campaigns.

With Grips, you can access true mobile AOV data for your competitors and retail partners giving you the insights you need to develop pricing strategies, promotions, upselling opportunities and cross-selling techniques that will increase your basket site to grow your mobile revenue and surpass your competitors.

Mobile Share

In the competitive landscape of e-commerce, understanding your market share is crucial for strategic decision-making. However, relying on sessions data or even desktop transactions as a surrogate for total e-commerce revenue can lead to significant blind spots. For instance, some competitors may have a sizeable amount of mobile traffic but struggle at converting mobile visits into transactions. Conversely, sites with a low number of desktop sessions and conversions may actually be killing it on mobile. Assuming that traffic and desktop behaviors accurately mirror total revenue can mean overlooking competitors who excel in the mobile space.

By analyzing the revenue breakdown between mobile and desktop for your competitors or retail partners, Grips gives you a clear understanding of their total revenue and the role that mobile plays in a given site’s performance. This allows you to identify the true market leaders, assess their mobile strategies and adjust your approach to stay ahead in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape.

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Mobile accounts for a significant, and growing, portion of online activity and purchases. If your data partner doesn’t provide you with a view into mobile transactions, you’re missing half of what’s happening online. To stay competitive and gain the upper hand, you need precise insights into your competitors and retail partners’ mobile bottom line. 

Grips delivers the goods giving you a distinct advantage by delivering unrivalled, comprehensive transactional mobile e-commerce metrics that will empower you to make informed decisions and outperform your competitors.

But don’t take our word for it, request a free demo of Grips where we’ll walk you through all the ways that Grips provides freshest, most expansive, reliable competitive intelligenceincluding insights into your competitor’s mobile transactionsso you can grow your business and gain marketshare.