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“Grips provides invaluable insights into our competitive landscape, empowering us to not only measure our performance but also take immediate action based on real time data.”
Alvin Hill
Group Vice President, E-commerce & Digital, Sally Beauty


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Why can't I see your pricing?

At Grips, we understand that every business is unique, and we believe in providing tailored solutions that precisely fit your needs. Our pricing is customized based on factors such as the specific requirements of your business and the use cases that matter most to you. To get a personalized quote designed just for you, please contact us.

Can I receive a sample?

Absolutely! Instead of a traditional data sample (boring!), we offer a more interactive experience. In a brief call using the Grips platform, we’ll provide valuable insights into your business and its competitors. This way, you can instantly witness how Grips can empower you to drive growth.

Where does your data come from?

To create our dataset, we use state-of-the-art machine-learning models which combine consumer panel data with the world’s largest truth set of online sales data.
We have a whole page dedicated to our data methodology here.

Can I get a product tour?

Of course! Book a product tour with a Grips Product Specialist here.

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