Top SAP stores

Discover the Top SAP e-commerce stores by revenue in 2023, the main country they are operating in, and their category.
Average order value for SAP ecom stores
Conversion rate for SAP ecom stores

The following list is based on a comprehensive analysis of the SAP stores that Grips is tracking that are operating in > 200 categories in the US, UK and Germany in 2023.

The below chart represents the revenue of online sales for online stores that use SAP and observed by Grips for the past 90 days. The revenue values are scaled 0 – 1, where 1 is the date with peak revenue.

1lenovo.comcomputers electronics and technologyus
2grainger.comheavy industry and engineering/construction and maintenanceus and garden/home and gardenuk
4obi.deDIY home improvementde
5zales.comlifestyle/jewelry and luxury productsus
6kay.comlifestyle/jewelry and luxury productsus
7matchesfashion.comlifestyle/fashion and appareluk
8bauhaus.infoDIY home improvementde
9wilko.come-commerce and shopping/e-commerce and shoppinguk
11newlook.comlifestyle/fashion and appareluk
13sanmar.comlifestyle/fashion and apparelus
15amway.come-commerce and shopping/marketplaceus
16keurig.come-commerce and shoppingus
17drmartens.comlifestyle/fashion and apparelus
19jared.comlifestyle/jewelry and luxury productsus
20deichmann.comlifestyle/fashion and apparelde and consumer services/business and consumer servicesuk and garden/home and gardenuk
25rackroomshoes.comlifestyle/fashion and apparelus
26swarovski.comlifestyle/jewelry and luxury productsus
27christ.delifestyle/jewelry and luxury productsde
33hobbylobby.comhobbies and leisure/craftsus
34thebodyshop.comlifestyle/beauty and cosmeticsuk
35partstown.comfood and drinkus
36rapha.cce-commerce and shopping/e-commerce and shoppinguk
38tommybahama.comlifestyle/fashion and apparelus
39walbusch.delifestyle/fashion and apparelde
40medion.comcomputers electronics and technologyde
41hessnatur.comlifestyle/fashion and apparelde
42pamperedchef.comhome and garden/home and gardenus
43mey-edlich.delifestyle/fashion and apparelde
44smythstoys.come-commerce and shopping/marketplaceuk
45chanel.comlifestyle/fashion and apparelus
46alditalk.decomputers electronics and technologyde
47neweracap.comlifestyle/fashion and apparelus and appareluk
49omega.comcomputers electronics and technologyus
50onlinemetals.comhome and garden/home and gardenus
51shaneco.comlifestyle/jewelry and luxury productsus
52discountschoolsupply.combusiness and consumer services/business and consumer servicesus
53shaklee.comhealthus and garden/home and gardenuk
57jako-o.come-commerce and shopping/e-commerce and shoppingde
58balsamhill.come-commerce and shopping/e-commerce and shoppingus
60moen.comhome and garden/home and gardenus
61plowhearth.comhome and garden/home and gardenus
62gravis.decomputers electronics and technologyde
63borrowlenses.comhobbies and leisure/photographyus
66avena.delifestyle/fashion and apparelde
67lkbennett.comlifestyle/fashion and appareluk
68carolinaherrera.comlifestyle/fashion and apparelus
69mysortimo.deheavy industry and engineering/construction and maintenancede
70mardel.comcommunity and society/faith and beliefsus
71newpig.comheavy industry and engineering/energy industryus and drinkuk
73liftmaster.comhome and garden/home and gardenus
74enasco.come-commerce and shopping/marketplaceus
75americanhotel.combusiness and consumer services/business servicesus
76cablestogo.comcomputers electronics and technologyus
77joulesusa.comlifestyle/fashion and apparelus
78vivaterra.come-commerce and shopping/marketplaceus
79heinemann-shop.comfood and drinkde
80southshorefurniture.comhome_and_garden/furnitureus and drinkuk and shopping/e-commerce and shoppinguk and appareluk
85chamberlain.comhome and garden/home and gardenus
86myevergreen.comhome and garden/home and gardenus
87balsamhill.dee-commerce and shopping/e-commerce and shoppingde

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