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Here's your two minute primer on the Apparel & Accessories e-commerce category
John Fetto
2 min read
10 July 2023


According to the latest Apparel & Accessories category report from Grip, American’s spent nearly $13 billion in mobile and desktop purchases of Apparel & Accessories in Q1 2023 and there’s an intense three-way battle between Amazon, Gap and Shein for the top spot. Amazon currently holds the title, but Shein is on pace to overtake Gap and possibly Amazon by the end of the year.


  • Shoes are the top selling Apparel & Accessories subcategory
  • Amazon has a narrow lead as the top seller of Apparel & Accessories online, but Shein is closing the gap fast
  • Azazie was one of the fastest growing Clothing sites in the US more than doubling its market share between Q4 2022 and Q1 2023
  • Shein’s prices are 60 percent lower than the category average and 30 percent lower than similar items from Gap helping the ultra fast-fashion retailer to gain market share

Watch the two minute highlight video:

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Video transcript

Americans spent close to 13 billion in desktop and mobile purchases of Apparel & Accessories during the first quarter of 2023. That’s close to three times what UK and German consumers spent during the same time…combined.

These findings come from our recent category benchmark report from Grips intelligence where I take a look at the performance of the Apparel & Accessories category in the US, UK and Germany.

That includes identifying the top selling Apparel & Accessories subcategories like Shoes, Jewelry, Tops, Outerwear and more as well as revealing the market share of top retailers.

For instance, Grips reports that brought in more revenue from Clothing sales in the US than any other sites in the US. Amazon was also tops in the UK and second in Germany. Gap and Shein weren’t far behind in the United States and Shein is growing fast enough to be on track to overtake Gap–and possibly even Amazon–by the end of the year.

Another retailer gaining market share is Azazie which more than doubled it’s share of online clothing sales in the US in the last quarter, mostly likely due to the arrival of prom season. Two other quickly growing sites are a case study in contradiction. On the one hand we have thrifting site ThreadUP and on the other we have fast fashion site H&M. The presence of both sites at the top of our fastest growing list is proof that there’s a desire for both sustainability and disposable fashion.

If you download this report, you’ll also get access to our spotlight on Shein, which is rumoured to be planning an IPO this year. Grips found that Shein has expanded it’s share of the e-commerce Apparel market significantly in the past 8 months and now sells more pairs of shoes online than

A major driver of Shein’s success are their ridiculously low prices, which are at least 60 percent lower than the category average and 30 percent lower than Gap.

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