Accelerate your growth with competitive insights

Get competitive insights based on transactional sales data from your
direct competitors.

What is Grips Competitive Intelligence?

Website visitation is nice, but sales and revenue are better.

Grips tracks e-commerce based sales across 5,000+ product categories, 30k retailers and brands, enabling you to understand market size, share, opportunities and threats.

Get market insights to grow revenue.


Market sizes and shares of complete product categories

Share of wallet - game changer! Identify the market size and growth of 5000+ product categories and the market share of a retailer or brand within the category.

Revenue, AOV, and assortment for top
e-commerce retailers

Evaluate the revenue, AOV and conversion rate, channels, product assortment, and more for 30k of the top e-commerce retailers.

Revenue, units sold and avg. price for top brands

Delve into the market size, share and growth in revenue, units sold, avg. price and more for 30k top e-commerce brands across the digital ecosystem.

Get a grip on your competition.

Retailer View
On the shelf 30k top e-commerce domains
Product Category
Over 5000 product categories
30,000 of the top global brands

Understand how your competitors drive sales.