US Sporting Goods benchmarking report

Get exclusive insights into e-commerce metrics to stay ahead of the competition, including Sporting Goods revenue, order value, top retailers and more.

Despite a return to growth in the final weeks of the year, the Sporting Goods e-commerce category in the United States posted year-over-year declines in transactions and revenues in 2022.

Our new Sporting Goods benchmarking report provides you with exclusive competitive intelligence into one of the biggest e-commerce categories to help you understand the US Sporting Goods e-commerce market in more detail than ever before.

In this report you will discover:

  • The e-commerce performance of the US Sporting Goods category overall and for top retailers
  • Which digital marketing channels are the most efficient by delivering the most revenue and highest average order value
  • The most profitable consumer audiences
  • Weekly digital ad spend made by Sporting Goods retailers in 2022

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Here’s a brief preview of what you can expect from the report:

Top US Sporting Goods sites, November - December 2022

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