Jewelry & Luxury Products Benchmarking Report

What can consumer trends in the Jewelry & Luxury Products category over the holiday season teach us about its e-commerce performance?

The Jewelry & Luxury Products e-commerce category had a rollercoaster 2022, but did online momentum catapult it to a strong end of year?

Our new industry benchmarking report provides you with the insights drawn from transactional data to understand the Jewelry & Luxury Products market in more detail than ever before.

In this report you will discover:

  • The e-commerce performance of the top Jewelry & Luxury Products retailers
  • Which channels category marketers should be investing in for highest ROI
  • The most profitable audiences

Download our Jewelry & Luxury report benchmarking report for free – below.

Here’s a brief preview of what you can expect from the report:

Download our Jewelry & Luxury Products benchmarking report

Stay ahead of changing consumer and category trends in the category.