The state of eCommerce

How is eCommerce performing in the first half of 2022? 
We have analyzed more than 235m transactions from 55 countries to identify e-commerce trends and examine performance of online retail.

The pandemic has changed consumer behavior forever. The previous two years have underscored the importance of eCommerce as a channel to retailers, and our changing buying habits throughout the lockdowns. But, the global events of 2022 have put the sector under more pressure than it has felt before.

Inflation is currently hitting decades-high levels in many economies around the world. This is impacting consumer confidence and business revenues, as wage growth is not tracking with rising prices. As consumers face a cost-of-living squeeze, spending will likely decrease on non-essential items, impacting businesses in the eCommerce sector.

This report examines how the online retail industry is performing globally.

Amongst others, you will learn about:

  • The impact of the Russia-Ukraine war, inflation and the cost-of-living crisis on eCommerce markets around the world.
  • Regional eCommerce trends in Asia.
  • Insights into the Entertainment industry and Travel & Tourism, two sectors that 2022 started their comeback after a standstill during two years of the pandemic.
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