UK Jewelry & Watches Benchmark report

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top uk jewelry and watches sites Q1 2023
the report

UK Consumers spent $141 million in Q1 2023

Grips reports that Jewelry & Watches sites in the UK generated $141 million in revenue during the first quarter of 2023 converting 1.4 percent of the 45 million category visits into sales. Our new UK Jewelry & Watches benchmarking report, which represents over 600 leading Jewelry & Watches e-commerce sites in the United Kingdom, provides you with exclusive competitive intelligence into one of the country's biggest e-commerce categories to help you understand the the Jewelry & Watches e-commerce market in more detail than ever before.

The takeaways

Market Share accounted for 20 percent of the e-commerce revenue generated by UK Jewelry & Watches sites during the quarter
Mobile Influence
While mobile devices accounted for more than two-thirds of visits, desktops still drove a majority of revenue
Top Categories
Watches accounted for the greatest share of category revenue generated in Q1 followed by outerwear

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