Is Black Friday dying?

Discover the top-level and category-specific trends that will drive consumer behavior, and find out where brands and retailers need to focus their efforts to improve revenue this holiday season.

Our analysts have analyzed trends from millions of observed transactions in the UK, US and Germany to identify how the events of 2022 have affected consumer shopping trends this holiday season.

We have created the only holiday shopping guide for retailers informed by transaction data. Tear into insights into the following:

  • Which marketing channels should e-commerce retailers and brands focus on to maximize their revenues this holiday season and beyond.
  • How will shifting consumer spending habits change retailers’ discount and marketing strategies
  • Will the 2022 holiday season mark the end of discount days and weeks as we know them?

Find out the answers to these questions and more, download the report for free below. 


Is this really the end for Black Friday?

Explore the consumer trends and behavior for the 2022 holiday season with our free report.