Grips for Retailers

Track online sales, discover the biggest growth drivers for your competitors and unlock your e-commerce potential.

Get a grip on your product, sales and marketing strategies.

Domain View
See transactional data such as conversion rate and revenue for more than 60k retailers.
Category View
5500 product categories easily let you drill down on products and sales that matter to you.
Brand View
Dig into over 40k brands and discover who drives revenue for your competitors.
Industry Benchmarking

Benchmark against the best: elevate your
e-commerce strategy

Unravel the secrets of the top performers in your industry. Effortlessly compare your e-commerce performance against competitors, unearthing precise gaps and untapped potential. Fuel your decision-making with data-driven strategies that push you to the forefront of your market.
Assortment analysis

Uncover hidden opportunities: elevate your product line strategy

Navigate the dynamic e-commerce landscape with an edge that goes beyond gut instincts. Identify the gaps in your offerings by comparing your product category revenues with those of competitors. Introduce new products and categories that align with market demand, cultivating a thriving catalog.
Daily campaign monitoring

Elevate your promotional prowess: real-time campaign assessment

Embark on a journey of real-time discovery as you monitor competitor campaigns daily sales impact. Witness competitors' surges, identify trends and learn from their triumphs to amplify your successes while avoiding pitfalls that could hinder your progress.

Your e-commerce growth mission now has a guide.

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