Grips Intelligence for Hedge funds and Private Equity

Leverage Grips data for company screening, earnings KPI predictions, performance drivers and monitor digital health of consumer companies globally.
Earnings Predictions

Anticipate e-commerce performance

Track correlations between reported metrics against digital revenue, engagement and advertising spend metrics to anticipate earnings surprises.
Company Screening

Evaluate retailers using sales data

Use our digital revenue data to screen any consumer facing domain by top line revenue, market share, engagement, transactions and advertising spend.
Digital Health Drivers

Track global e-commerce success

Gain insights into under and outperforming companies - broken down by product categories and brands. Grips allows you to track a company’s success in the global e-commerce ecosystem.

Want to know more about our data?

We’ve done extensive tests on our data and we’re confident you can rely on us to make key business decisions.

We’ve added some results of our data for you to check out below.

US Census vs Grips Intelligence

US Census Data e-commerce Sales vs. Grips Estimations of top 30k retailers

Grips covers >80% of all of U.S. e-commerce transactions across tens of thousands of retailers.
Reported Data vs Grips

ETSY– Reported Revenue vs. Grips Estimated GMV

Grips data correlates strongly with a company’s reported financial data.
Key Performance Indicators

NYSE: RVLV – Reported AOV vs.
Grips Estimated AOV

Grips reports on leading KPIs such as Average Order Value or Conversion Rate to provide you additional context of e-commerce performance for retailers and product categories.

Some of the tickers we cover