Grips for Consultancies
and Agencies

Develop a perspective from the outside-in. Evaluate your clients performance relative to the market and identify white space areas
of opportunity.

Get a grip on your clients' e-commerce strategies.

Product category performance

Product category share of wallet

Game changer! Identify the online market size and trend of product categories, as well as, the respective market share for a retailer within the category.
Retailer performance

Site assortment and benchmarks

Websites have endless digital shelf space! Understand the categories that drive sales for the online retailer and advise your clients’ on the assortment to maximize revenue. Benchmark their sites conversion performance against thousands of competitor websites and then fine-tune their site performance to improve efficiency and maximize average order value. conversion rate by marketing channel Q1 2023
Channel mix and marketing spend

Analyze marketing channels and ad spend

Evaluate the traffic, sales, revenue and conversion rate for every acquisition channel. Paid search contains even more depth where you can double-click into the investment competitors are making on Google.

Your e-commerce market research now has a guide.

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grips platform screenshot - revenue and units sold