Why Consumers Buy (or Don't): Watch the webinar on-demand

Grips recently partnered with Digital Commerce 360 to explore factors that drive consumers to buy online. Watch the free webinar on-demand.
3 min read
28 April 2023

The way consumers research and purchase online is changing rapidly as shoppers deal with stubbornly high inflation, fears of a recession and the easing of the pandemic. This cloud of uncertainty is impacting consumer behavior differently depending on what they’re buying.

In this webinar, Grips and Digital Commerce 360 reveal how online shopping is evolving and will identify top conversion rate performers in five categories: apparel & sportswear, food & beverage, beauty & cosmetics, electronics and home & garden. The presenters, joined by Director of E-commerce at NFM, Jeff Douglass, will offer advice on how retailers and brands can respond to consumer shifts to maximize sales and profits.

Highlights from the webinar include discussions on:

  • Top factors contributing to a successful e-commerce conversion rate
  • How optimizing traffic by marketing channel can help counterbalance declining conversion rates
  • The impact of inflation on conversion rates
  • How the return to in-store shopping affected e-commerce

Learn more:

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Watch the webinar on-demand below: