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What is Transaction Intelligence?

We believe hard sales metrics should be the north star of any eCommerce business. That’s why we have made transactions the core of our Intelligence platform. We measure sales of millions of products across thousands of retailers every month and provide the most reliable guide to global eCommerce.

We don't promise the best insights. We deliver them.

Market Exploration

Explore any eCommerce market

Dive deep into all sales originating from paid and organic search channels. Explore millions of SKUs, 5500 product categories, and total market sizes.
Sales Maximization

Identify levers to boost your product sales

Analyze product sales, conversion rates, and channels. Identify underperforming products, product categories, and PDPs. Make improvements and monitor their impact on your market share.
Campaign optimization

Bid on keywords that will boost your product sales

Grips' product-centric structure connects keywords to landing pages, allowing you to set-up paid campaigns instantly by uploading them to your Google Ads account.

Grips means smart in German. Get Grips.

Our Transaction Intelligence platform is unique. Here's why.
Smart Sales Data
The largest source of online sales data is the foundation of our Transaction Intelligence. We combine it with panel data to model insights with industry-leading accuracy.
Connected Insights
We analyze the entire online sales funnel, from a user’s first search to the final sale. This will help you focus on your end goal: generating sales, not just traffic.
Entire Markets
eCommerce is Amazon – and 8,443,943 additional retailers. Our ambition is to cover them all. For now, we’re excited to report on 2000 of the largest retailers.
Simple Platform
We don't want to overwhelm you with more data. We want to provide answers. Our intuitive interfaces will guide you to the insights you need.

Your eCommerce mission now has a guide.

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