Turn Competitive Intel, SKU Level Insights and Market Trends into Growth

Use Grips to drive higher revenues by finding unexploited market share, categories, brands, and products opportunities, and uncover competitor strategies and performance
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Removing Brand and Retailer blind spots

Performance Benchmarking

Compare how you perform vs your competitors, start by understanding their market size and drill into the performance drivers such as the assortment, marketing channels, ad spend and devices that drive revenue with the ability to benchmark against yourself every step of the way.

Real-Time Daily Tracker

Leverage Grips’s daily tracker for proactive and agile business strategy adjustments in real-time, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve when responding to competitor product launches and promotions.

Market Share Analysis

Gain a comprehensive view of your market share across your industry, identify competitors capturing share along with their strategies, and develop effective plans to reclaim your share.

Uncover SKU Opportunities

Unlock your competitive edge with Grips Product Level Analysis! Access product sales data from top retailers like Amazon, Nordstrom, and others for new product development, enhancing PDPs, assortment optimization, adjusting pricing strategy, and beyond.

Optimize Partnerships

Utilize Grips Market Share Maximizer to assess your assortment performance and competitive positioning through your partners. Identify underperforming partners for strategic improvements and uncover potential new partners to fuel growth.

Trend Tracker

With Grips’ Performance Matrix, you can unveil the top-growing retailers, categories, brand and products. Know what’s trending and proactively take advantage of untapped growth.

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“Grips is a must have for any brand or retailer looking to stay ahead in today's dynamic market.”
Alvin Hill
Group Vice President, E-commerce & Digital, Sally Beauty

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