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What is Grips Intelligence?

We believe sales metrics should be the north star of any e-commerce business. That’s why we have made transactions the core of our Intelligence platform. We measure sales across thousands of retailers and brands and provide the most reliable guide to global e-commerce.

We don't promise the best insights. We deliver them.

Market Exploration

Share of wallet

Game changer! Identify the market size and growth of product categories and the market share of a retailer within the category.
Competitor analysis

Assortment analysis

Websites have endless digital shelf space! Understand the category and products that drive sales for online retailers and adjust your assortment to maximize revenue.
Channels mix

Marketing channels and ad spend

Evaluate the traffic, sales, revenue and conversion rate for every acquisition channel. Paid search features even more depth where you can double-click into the investment competitors are making on Google.

Our Transaction Intelligence platform is unique. Here's why.

Smart Sales Data
The largest source of online sales data is the foundation of our Transaction Intelligence. We combine it with panel data to model insights with industry-leading accuracy.
Entire Markets
E-commerce is Amazon – and 8,443,943 additional retailers. Our ambition is to cover them all. For now, we’re excited to report around 30,000 of the largest retailers, including Amazon.

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