Categorize your products on scale

Categorize your products on scale. Fast, accurate and granular categorization of any product in a standardized tree structure
5.5 K
resolve rate
supported languages

Product categorization that generates insights

Take advantage of procat's powerfull categorization engine and take your product analysis to the next level!
High accuracy
After training on millions of products, procat has achieved a 99.2% accuracy rate meaning you can trust your products are correctly classified.
Simple categories
> 5.5k categories with up to 7 levels ensure that procat will find the right level of detail for even the most niche products in your catalog.
Fast and easy
The only attribute we need is the product title which can be sent via CSV upload or API, and procat will return your products categorized in a standardized tree structure.

How it works

Categorization via file upload

Upload your product list as a CSV file and after a short processing time you will receive a download link for a CSV file with all your products categorized. Download our CSV template here for the upload requirements.


1,000 products for free
Categorization on product title
Categorization via upload
24 hours turnaround time
per classified product
Unlimited products
Categorization on product title
Categorization via upload or api
12 hours turnaround time
per crawled product
Unlimited product crawls
Categorization on product url
Crawl/Categorization via upload or cloud storages
Extraction of additional product data e.g. GTIN, Title, Price etc.

Questions? We have answers.

How long does it take to categorize my products?

The free plan guarantees a 24 hour turnaround time. The paid plans are for larger volumes of products, so processing time can vary.

Can I customize the category tree to my needs?

No, the tree structure is standardized and can’t be adjusted.

What attributes about the products do you need for categorization?

The product name is all that is needed. additionally, the product brand, product SKU, GTIN, MPN, price, currency, image link, product link, or/and country can be specified to improve the categorization. Check our documentation about the additional attributes. For categorizations via product urls we only need the url, the rest of the product data will be crawled and automatically classified.

Can I also have my products classified on product images?

Unfortunately this is not possible, our classification engine is not designed to classify product images.

How many languages do you support?

Product names in 200 languages can be uploaded to procat. To improve the result, we recommend filling the column “country” with the corresponding country name from which the product name originates. Check our documentation about the country attribute.