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What is Grips Keyword Intelligence?

Grips Keyword Intelligence is a tool for SEM professionals built from the ground-up for online commerce. Organize your eCommerce keyword research around products and immediately drill down to the keywords that matter to you. Our tool connects paid and organic keywords to product sales across all relevant online retailers in major markets. See the keywords that drive sales of products. Focus on higher revenue, not just traffic.

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Transactional SEM metrics
See revenue, units sold and conversion rates for keywords.
Product Attribution
Explore the keywords that convert to product sales across 5500 categories.
Entire Markets
No blind spots. All relevant retailers and platforms, across markets.

Find the keywords that sell.

Market Overview

Explore the eCommerce search market

See accurate sales volumes and ad spends for both paid and organic search channels – across all relevant retailers in your industry.
Keyword Gap Analyses

Optimize your keyword strategy for higher sales

Identify the highest-grossing and highest-volume keywords for the products you are selling. Unlock growth opportunities by focusing on high-performing keywords in bad positions.
Campaign optimization

Bid on keywords that will boost your product sales

Grips' product-centric structure connects keywords to landing pages, allowing you to set-up paid campaigns instantly by uploading them to your Google Ads account.

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