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What is Grips Benchmarking?

Grips Benchmarking tells you how well you perform compared to your industry. It provides important industry benchmarks, such as revenue, units sold, and conversion rates. Take strategic actions towards sustainable growth with real-time visibility into your industry’s performance.

Get a grip on your
store performance.

Transactional metrics
Revenue, conversion rates, and ad spends
Head-to-head comparison
See your metrics right next to those of your peers
Relevant comparison
Select your peers from over 200 categories

Find out how good you are and where to improve.

Industry monitoring

Explore trends in your industry

Real-time benchmarks across transactions, revenue, and conversion rates help you understand the market trends you should react to.
Channel mix optimization

Discover the traffic channels that drive sales and revenue

See how sales happen in your industry and focus on the channels that truly matter to your business.
Sales Optimization

Catch up to your peers in underperforming areas

Compare metrics such as conversion rates, CPCs, and CTR against your peers. Focus time, money, and resources on the areas with the greatest ROI.

Questions? We have answers.

How does the Benchmarking tool work?

It all starts with retailers of all sizes connecting their Google Analytics accounts. We then anonymize, categorize and clean data from more than a million sites. You can access the aggregated data via our Benchmarking dashboard, which shows the most pivotal eCommerce KPIs next to your performance metrics.

What types of sites are included in the benchmarks?

Our data is based on eCommerce sites of all sizes where transactions are being tracked.

How can I be sure I'm being compared to relevant sites?

We have more than 200 categories and a store size filter based on traffic to ensure you will find the most relevant benchmarks.

How much is it?

Benchmarking is free to use. You can start exploring it right away.

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