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Explore which products and categories sell best across retailers in the market.
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Get a grip on your sales and marketing strategies.

Product categories
5500 product categories easily let you drill down on products and sales that matter to you.
Entire markets
We analyze sales of all relevant retailers and brands in your category.
Fast ROIs
Our product-keyword database helps search and content teams to optimize for more sales – not more traffic.
Product Sales Analysis

See what sells and what you should have in stock

Find the highest grossing brands and products in any category and spot gaps in your product assortment. Explore your market penetration in your categories and how it trends over time.
Content Optimization

Analyze sales, and conversion rates on the PDP level

Compare the performance of your products, product categories, and PDPs to other retailers in your industry. Use Grips to monitor the impact of your improvements on your market share.
Grips Benchmarking

Find out how good you are. Discover where to be better.

Get a free health check for your online store. Real-time benchmarks across transactions, revenue, and conversion rates help you understand the market trends you need to react to
Keyword Gap Analyses

Optimize your keyword strategy for higher sales

Identify the highest-grossing and highest-volume keywords for the products you’re selling. Seize growth opportunities by focusing on high-performing keywords in bad positions.
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Pricing and Promotional Strategy

Optimize pricing and marketing strategies to boost sales

Understand fast moving products in your category to build the right promotional plan at the right time. Perfect visibility into prices and strategies of other retailers let you win market share.

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