Grips Competitive Intelligence delivers valuable insights into the global e-commerce market.
Competitive Intelligence: Essentials
Go beyond keyword and session data to focus on the transactional metrics that drive business decisions. Research more than 30K top e-commerce retailers and delve into thousands of product categories to identify opportunities and trends to grow your business.
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Grips offers e-commerce competitive intelligence solutions for:

Accelerate your e-commerce sales and reduce
customer acquisition costs with competitive and
market insights.
  • Identify top performing competitive marketing channels
  • Evaluate product sales by category and competitor
  • Discover seasonal trends that will impact your sales or profitability
  • Benchmark overall market demand, category size, and competitive landscape
Drive e-commerce growth and make strategic decisions on retailer partnerships and product assortment, based on competitive sales data.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of market share and size for thousands of brands
  • Identify retailer partnerships that can drive growth
  • Evaluate product category performance for assortment reviews
  • Uncover your competitors pricing strategies
Deliver the best possible outcomes for your e-commerce clients by enhancing the depth and accuracy of your due diligence to deliver meaningful insights and
high-performing recommendations.
  • Analyze the competitive landscape and overall share of wallet for any product category
  • Identify the top performing companies, their market share, and important trends
  • Evaluate website traffic, sales metrics, and conversion by acquisition channel
  • Create category benchmarks to understand relative performance and optimization opportunities for conversion rate, average order value, and product assortment
Investment Firms
Track digital health drivers and predict the e-commerce performance of retailers, both US and globally, with a unique and extensive ticker coverage that no other alternative data set provides.
  • Track the growth of markets, companies and product lines
  • Analyze market demand, category size, and competitive landscape
  • More than 150 tickers tagged